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About KOL Foods
KOL Foods is what kosher should be. We put kosher meat and ethics on the same plate allowing consumers to merge their traditional and modern values and feel good about the meat they eat. KOL Foods sells 100% grass-fed, healthy lamb and beef and pastured poultry and wild salmon nationwide through our online store.

As a values-based business, KOL Foods’ mission is to produce meat that is in harmony with nature, neighbors and tradition. In an age when it takes an investigative reporter to clarify where meat comes from, we are committed to telling its honest story. We want our customers to know and trust that each animal is raised in the traditional, environmentally-friendly way, on open fields. We are committed to kashrut, sustainability, transparency, animal welfare, the customer’s health and offering the most delicious meat on the market. For further information on KOL Foods, please go to: www.kolfoods.com . KOL Foods offers a salary and commission.

KOL Foods is currently offering the following position:

B2B Sales Manager

KOL Foods is seeking a dynamic, results-oriented Sales Manager to lead our wholesale program. This exciting opportunity requires hands-on wholesale sales experience preferably in kosher or natural food arenas. The Sales Manager will report to the Director of Marketing.
Responsibilities include:
  • Deliver sales of our premium products by confidently, enthusiastically and passionately educating current and prospective wholesale clients about the unique qualities of our products.
  • Drive sales through exceptional account management from initial contact through shipping, receivables tracking, and follow-up for repeat orders.
  • Develop a database of qualified wholesale leads.
  • Work with our staff to develop wholesale marketing strategies and implement our wholesale marketing strategy.
  • Other duties as assigned by management.
Key Requirements
  • Three years or more sales experience. Preferably in kosher or natural food arenas.
  • Outstanding organizational, communication, customer service skills.
  • Self-starter with a drive to succeed and ability to work with all personality types.
  • Able to prepare, analyze and make strategic decisions based on sales data.
  • High proficiency in Google Docs, MS Office or equivalent and internet based technology.
  • Experience with CRM software such as Salesforce.
  • Computer access.
  • Willingness to travel.
How to apply
Please send a cover letter and resume to jobs@kolfoods.com.

KOL Foods is an equal opportunity employer.