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KOL Foods deli is cooked, spiced and sliced but we left out the nitrates so it's guilt free. And since we only source 100% grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured, organic-fed turkey, we make the most delicious and nutritious deli meat possible. You will notice that our beef deli products are not red in color; this is the small price we have to pay for the lack of nitrates. At KOL Foods, we know our farmers and tell you the story of their animals. We are committed to transparency, sustainability, animal welfare, your health and offering the most delicious meat on the market!

Our Deli Standard:

  • Certified glatt kosher (See Certifications for details.)
  • 100% grass-fed, 100% grass-finished and 100% pastured
  • Raised on non-industrial family owned farms and ranches
  • Never confined to pens or lots
  • No antibiotics or added hormones
  • 100% Natural and No Nitrates Added
  • Shechita techniques and "green" certifications

AT = American Tradition Beef, Prime or Choice; Marbled; Aged
GR = Grassland Range Beef, Lean as can be

Cooking Tips & Recipes
Sloppy Toms
Sloppy Joe's reinvented: it's lighter, it's leaner, it's yummier... introducing Sloppy Tom's. This fully cooked, smoked and lightly flavored ground turkey will blow you away as a BBQ sandwich (just add your favorite sauce and slaw) or in any pasta sauce. Kids love it, we love it and you will too!

Each case contains vacuum packs weighing approximately 1.0-1.5 lb each on average.

Ingredients: smoked dark turkey meat, sea salt, mustard seed, paprika, garlic powder, allspice, nutmeg, black pepper.

 Family Value: buy 8 lbs or more of the same sized item below to get $0.25 off per lb!


Sloppy Toms: 3-4 lbs (3.5 lbs avg) - $31.49