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About KOL Foods

What started as a truly local mission to provide kosher sustainable meat to my family and community has grown into a budding business. Today, KOL Foods puts kosher meat and ethics on the same plate so you can feel good about the meat you eat. Everyday we work to create a new food system that supports sustainable animal production, treats farmers and workers fairly, and improves the health of families, communities and environment. We believe that what is good for the planet is good for the body and the spirit.

While we build a new system to make delicious, healthy products available, we hope you'll join us in our advocacy efforts which promote sustainable agriculture. Please explore our website to learn more about KOL Foods and how you can reduce your foodprint.

Until July 2007, virtually all kosher meat available to U.S. consumers was raised in confinement. A kosher consumer who refused to eat unsustainable, caged meat had no choice but to become vegetarian. KOL Foods gives kosher consumers access to healthy, 100% grass-fed meat. Today, there is no need to choose between eating according to your values and keeping kosher.

In July 2007, KOL Foods established a partnership with a synagogue in Washington, DC, a slaughterhouse and a local farmer to make the first glatt kosher, organically raised, local, grass-fed meat available. Scores of kosher consumers were eager for this product. In just its second offering, the program generated sales of more than 2,400 pounds of beef through a single email. Jews from 14 different area synagogues, ranging from Reform to Conservative to Orthodox, purchased this beef. We were so encouraged by this powerful consumer response that we worked to expand to meet the demand.

The kosher world is not free of the bewilderment surrounding meat. In an age when it takes an investigative reporter to clarify where meat comes from, KOL Foods is committed to telling its honest story. We want folks to truly know and trust that each animal is raised the traditional, environmentally-friendly way, in open fields.Healthy animals should eat what they were built to eat and live free on pasture. It should come as no surprise that this balance with nature results in not only healthy and environmentally and ethically sound meat, but delicious flavor.

Healthy animals. Healthy people. Healthy world.
Today’s dominant agricultural methods rely on synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides, large amounts of energy and water, major transportation systems, poor waste disposal and factory-style practices for raising livestock and crops. Artificial hormones, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, mad cow disease, and large-scale outbreaks of potentially deadly E.coli are all associated with this industrial form of food production.

Sustainable agriculture involves food production methods that are healthy, do not harm the environment, respect workers, are humane to animals, provide fair wages to farmers, and support farming communities. And the results are delicious!

To keep the KOL Foods' office's carbon footprint at a minimal, KOL Foods operates out of a LEED (green) Certified building that uses ground source heating and cooling, has a green roof and many other sustainable features. To top it off, we use Energy Star appliances and the electricity that we do use comes from windpower. Plus, one of the slaughterhouses that we use converts it's waste to bio-diesel for it's trucks. Even the bank that we use (TD Bank) is carbon neutral as of February 2010! 

Please visit our Green Certifications page for more specifics about KOL Foods.