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American Tradition Beef

Welcome to the nation's only source of kosher domestic 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef. And it is deliciously well-marbled to boot!

The steaks were utterly amazing. They came out better than a high end steakhouse, we're hooked. It's well worth any premium in price, I have cooked many steaks in my life and these were some of the absolute best.

- Nick G.
Oceanside, CA

KOL Foods is committed to kashrut, sustainability, transparency, animal welfare, your health and offering the most delicious meat on the market. We help you feel good about the meat you eat. 

Imagine lush pastures, blue skies, and crystal clear waters, with green rolling hills; framed by mountains and speckled with cattle grazing at will. These images evoke a truly natural pastoral world and is the source of our American Tradition (AT) beef. AT beef is 100% grass-fed Black Angus cross and Glatt Kosher and is raised and humanely slaughtered in the Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-West, using Temple Grandin-audited methods. 

What exactly is the problem with "just a little" grain? We are proud that our AT beef is the only 100% grass-fed, kosher beef in the country. Although "just a little" grain finishing may not sound like much, it makes a big difference. Grass-fed beef's benefits disappear after just a short while on grain. "It is worth noting that within 30 days of switching a cow from a grass-fed diet to a grain-fed diet [called "finishing"], the resulting meat suffers dramatically." And a typical pastured/grain-fed animal is on grain for at least 6 months. Unless it says 100% grass-fed, it’s fed grain. 

Good things take time. Our cattle are allowed to mature slowly and naturally, as they graze solely on verdant pastures. Using old world techniques passed down and perfected through generations, our ranchers work the land, faithful to a naturally sustainable process that produces exquisite beef characterized by deep burgundy red colors, abundant nutrients and elegant flavors.

Our religious and ethical beliefs have inspired what we call The KOL Foods Way, our way of life and our commitment to animal welfare and sustainability. This manifesto helps us ensure that our ranchers are stewards of their land by:
  • gathering and distributing its yield without overgrazing thereby allowing the land to recover in time for the new growing season
  • not employing aggressive practices to artificially enhance production that would simultaneously destroy quality
Sustainable is about "accepting what the land has given us with gratitude and respect, faithful that the harvest will be enough.”

None of our ranchers give their animals hormones, antibiotics, or supplemental grains. Always free ranging and never placed in a feedlot, this succulent 100% grass-fed beef is reared under strictly audited quality assurance and extensive, detailed animal welfare programs. Feeding grass is just the beginning. Our calves nurse on their mothers until they intuitively begin to graze. Better for the animal, better for us, and better for the environment, 100% grass-fed beef offers a nutritional profile to suit today’s kitchen. Compared to grain or corn-finished beef, 100% grass-fed beef is naturally higher in Omega-3 and monounsaturated fats (the "good” fats) and lower in saturated fats (the "bad” fats). It is also higher in vitamin C, vitamin E, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and lower in total fat.

The world is turning to the benefits of 100% grass-fed beef. Conscientious kitchens are looking for kosher meat that is naturally nutritious, is the best for animal welfare and is sustainably raised. It’s hard to believe that all these benefits come packaged amid layers of delicious flavors! We invite you to enjoy the remarkable difference.