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Celebrate With Tzedakah: Tu Bishvat and Regenerative Agriculture Day

Holidays and Helping the World

Two holidays in one week! Tu Bishvat, the New Year of the Trees according to the Jewish calendar, starts tonight, and Regenerative Agriculture Day is this Friday, February 14th.

KOL Foods celebrates with you! For every order placed between sundown on Sunday and sundown on Friday, we will donate $5 to an organization that takes these issues as seriously as we do: Heifer International.

Tu Bishvat and Regenerative Agriculture Day (which is as RAD as it sounds!) both celebrate nature and how we should treat it - both emphasize that we are here to "till and tend" Earth. At KOL Foods, we take this mitzvah seriously, raising our animals in a way that helps the environment.

Our 100% grass-fed beef and lamb and pastured poultry are good for the Earth, enriching the soil and the atmosphere by helping sequester carbon.
Heifer International and KOL Foods support many of the same values: impactful agricultural practices, environmental awareness, supporting community, transparency, and education underpin our actions.

The money we donate will be used to buy Earth Gift Baskets. These provide communities with saplings and bee hives to encourage reforestation and increase pollination. This helps soil health, just as our grass-fed holistic grazing does.

Thank you for supporting our planet through every KOL Foods order you place - especially this week.

-The KOL Foods Mishpacha