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We never compromise on kashrut, quality, our 100% grass-fed standard, or the fair wages we pay employees and farmers.

  • Our Poultry is beyond organic and free range: it's 100% pastured and organic-fed.
  • Our Beef and Lamb are beyond pastured: they're 100% grass-fed and 100% grass-finished. They meet the highest standard of the American Grassfed Association.

Why is 100% Grass-Fed so important?
Click on the below graphic to see a side-by-side comparison between KOL Foods and everyone else.

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Cycle of Nature vs Cycle of Industry

Grass-fed farming is a simple, holistic system in which the only inputs are the sun and rain. This natural cycle begins with grass-eating cattle that spread their manure over a large area as they move around the meadow. In turn, the bugs, grubs and parasites that help break down the manure provide food for pasture-raised chickens, thus insuring that the cattle don't acquire parasite diseases and stay healthy. All this grazing and natural fertilizer is also great for the pasture which then absorbs excess carbon in the atmosphere that has depleted the Ozone layer.

Grain-fed farming disrupts the cycle of nature. This system encompasses conventional, pastured, & vegetarian-fed beef as well as conventional, organic free-range, & cage free poultry. It treats animals as though they are cogs in a machine, and is dependent upon non-renewable resources and inputs from Big Pharma and Big Ag (which receive huge taxpayer subsidies). 95% of beef and 99% of chicken in the US are raised in feedlots and CAFOs. It also results in billions of dollars of health issues and environmental clean-up. Cheap meat isn't so cheap after all.

KOL Foods is the only source for kosher 100% grass-fed domestic beef.

To learn a lot more about how we're different from all others, check out the KOL Foods Way.