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Customer Testimonials

We had the ground beef as hamburgers BBQ'd last night. Nothing was done to the meat except shaping it into Patties. They were the best hamburgers any of us have had ever eaten -incredible- the hot dogs were yummy as well. - Annie Stone

We want you to know how wonderful we think your company is and how thrilled we are that we can buy such great, sustainably raised Kosher meat. The KOL ribeye I had this weekend might be the best tasting steak I have ever had. In fact, we just put another meat order in this evening. - Howard Deutsch

I have been meaning to write and tell you how much we enjoyed our Thanksgiving turkey. The meat was delicious, it was great having just enough (as opposed to 20 pounds of too many leftovers), and then there was the smell!  Anyway, I do appreciate all that you do and offer. It has made a difference in our lives and we shout your praises to anyone ready to listen. - Julie Steinberg

It has been very interesting for me to watch how you have grown and how sophisticated everything has become from the first time I picked up my order in Forest Hills. I made a lot of meatballs [out of your ground beef] and my daughter insisted I changed the recipe. She finally admitted how much better the meatballs were and I knew it was simply the ground beef that was different. I wish you much continued success and would like you to know how fabulous it is to now be able to buy everything from you. - Janice Thaler

I’ve wanted this to happen for 20 years - since I was a vegetarian. I began only eating kosher meat/poultry in the '90s, but never really felt I was true to the beliefs I have about tz'aar ba'alei haim. You are doing a great, great mitzvah with this and I’m happy to support it. - Evelyn Baran

Thank you for the service that you are providing. In the last couple years, I have been pursuing nutrient-rich foods, healing soup broths, etc. Since we keep a kosher home, you provide the only way for me to make these dishes from pasture-raised kosher animals. I really appreciate it! - Nina Gelman-Gans

My son Ezra, who turns 9 on Friday, requested "those really big drumsticks" for a special birthday shabbat dinner. So I think we're a KOL Foods family for sure. - Leah Gordon

I've purchased beef from KOL for about 8 months off and on. The Side Steaks are amazing. Just made one tonight - medium rare and oh so juicy! Thank you, KOL Foods! - Julie Chana Weiss

I was just about to write to you to thank you for the turkey. This was our second year ordering from you. It arrived solidly frozen and in plenty of time for Thanksgiving. We thawed it, dried it, and roasted it mainly per instructions. It cooked beautifully and tasted great. I made almost a gallon of stock out of the leftovers, and that will be a great base for soups I will make all winter. We appreciate all the work that goes into raising animals like this, and are grateful to all of you for making these products available for us. - Mike Evans & Anu Gupta

The Bar Mitzvah went very well. Everyone enjoyed the meal especially the French Roast and ground lamb. Thank you so much for your flexibility with our menu and your handling of logistics. You made it easy! - Minda Metz, The Buzz Catering

My respected doctor, who is on the list of 100 top doctors, a heart and lung specialist who was a pioneer in baby heart transplants decades ago tells me that grass fed is going to measurably improve the health of everyone, I want our food system to change so people are healthy. - Patti Lerner

Once again, we served your ground lamb as burgers Shabbos/Chanuka dinner and we, our guests, & our children were overwhelmed by the phenomenal taste. "How many can I have, Mommy? Are there any left, Mommy? Maybe we should count and see how many each person can have?" Keep in mind this is 4lbs of meat for 4 adults and 5 children, after everyone already having eaten a fish course. In fact, I am shocked to say as I realize this, they go more crazy over your meat than over desserts & treats! What an incredible blessing and gift you have given us. - Shoshana Kaufman

We are very grateful to you. The turkey was delicious and those of us who are normally not meat eaters felt okay about eating a turkey we know was raised eating grass and bugs and roaming freely. Thank you for making this kosher, ethically-raised turkey available to our family. - Rachel Jacoby

The turkeys were unbelievable. It was as if we were eating a whole different animal; I always thought I hated turkey, but this was delicious. I'm so glad that we were able to shop with you! But most of all, thank you for helping us to inspire our family to think more carefully about the food they eat. - Sara Shapiro-Pleven