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Fire Seared Delmonico Steaks

by Avi's Kosher Kitchen on behalf of KOL Foods

This is one of my favorite steaks in the world and perhaps one of the most underrated, the Delmonico. This is a very simple recipe with some surprise twists on the seasoning and method.

2 KOL Foods 100% grass-fed Delmonico Steaks
Kosher Salt
Granulated Garlic
Cracked Black pepper
Brown Sugar
Fresh Rosemary
1 Lemon

First I take two 100% grass-fed Delmonico steaks from KOL Foods, no antibiotics and no growth hormones. Then I sous vide them until medium rare. To do the sous vide simply season the steaks with salt, cracked black pepper and granulated garlic. I also add a touch of brown sugar, as the brown sugar acts as a natural tenderizer. I also add a sprig or two of rosemary as well. The steaks go into either a vacuum seal bag or a zipper bag. Make sure you either vacuum seal it or get all the air out of the bag.

The bag then goes into a warm sous vide bath. It’s best to use a sous vide circulator in order to accurately maintain the water temperature. You can also do this stove top in a large pot. If you do, make sure you use a thermometer and check and adjust the heat in order to make sure that you keep a steady temperature. I like to go with 135 for medium rare and keep the steaks submerged for at least an hour and a half. Remember the steaks are in a bag and should not come in direct contact with the water.

Once out of the bath, it’s best to cool the steaks for about 15-20 minutes in the freezer. This will keep the steaks from overcooking when you sear them. Once out of the freezer, remove from the bag, dry the steaks off and re-season with salt and perhaps a bit more brown sugar. And now it’s time to sear the steaks.

When searing you want to use extremely high heat. You can do this in a pan; however, in order to give the steaks a bit of smokiness I like to use a wood burning fire. Here’s a real quick and easy way to achieve that. Get yourself a fire starter chimney. Fill it about ¾ full with hardwood lump charcoal. I like to throw in a few chunks of hickory or cherry wood as well. Get the coal going until they are red-hot. Ordinarily you would then put the coals into a charcoal grill, but not this time. Instead, place the chimney on some bricks or other fireproof surface. Then place a small grill grate on top of the chimney. Let it heat up for a minute, then sear the steaks right on top of the grill. The temperature here will be extremely high, maybe 800 to 1000 degrees. Be careful, have a fireproof glove standing by and plenty of water, just in case a coal falls out or you need to quickly extinguish the fire.

Once seared, place the steak on top of some fresh rosemary on a plate. The heat from the steaks should help to extract the oils out of the rosemary. You can also rub the tops of the steaks with the rosemary. And here’s a one of my favorite and unexpected tricks to liven up the meat. Grate some fresh lemon zest on the steaks and rub it in. This is a bit unexpected and really gives an extra flavor dimension.

Now let them rest for about five to ten minutes and then enjoy. The steaks should be medium rare all the way through and have a great char crust in them as well. I like to serve with some of my shallots in a balsamic, wine, and scotch reduction.

I serve with a nice cabernet. Try this and you’ll find that the Delmonico may become your next favorite steak.

L’Chaim . . . Avi.

Copyright 2016 Avi Levy – Avi’s Kosher Kitchen – Bar Shabatai Productions