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How to Render Duck Fat

By Rivka Friedman

Note: the timing of this recipe depends entirely on the size of your pan. I used a little saucepan, but if you use a wider shallower pan, it’ll take less time. Up to you.

1 pound of skin
¼ cup water

Add skin and water to a pan and set over medium heat. When water is simmering, reduce heat to medium‐low. Maintain a low simmer, and watch the fat slowly render and the water slowly evaporate.

The whole process takes about an hour, maybe a bit more.

Keep an eye on it in the beginning to make sure the simmer isn’t too rapid, and be sure to have a splatter screen or a tinfoil tent ready toward the end, because it may splatter once there are only a few drops of water left.

When the splattering subsides, the cracklings are brown, and the fat is clear and liquid, you’re done. Scoop out the cracklings with a slotted spoon and transfer to a paper towel‐lined plate. Sprinkle with salt and eat. Strain the fat through a cheese cloth‐lined strainer (in a pinch, a fine mesh strainer alone will do). Chilled fat will keep in an airtight container for months in the fridge.