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At KOL Foods, we don’t just sell meat. We grow soil. 
Just as the Hebrew word for human (adam) it rooted in the word for soil (adama), so too are our lives rooted in the health of our soil. The soil KOL Foods grows is black, rich, and alive. It simultaneously makes our meat more nutritiousand helps mitigate climate change. We grow soil using regenerative grazing which takes carbon from the oversaturated atmosphere and buries it underground - all the while treating our animals with dignityWe invite you to join us on this journey to heal our bodies, our livestock, and overarching ecosystem we call home.

We are a Kosher Farmers Market on your Front Porch.
We provide your family with quality certified kosher meat, poultry and fish you know and trust. And we 
deliver it to your door using eco-friendly jute coolers made entirely from compostable recycled plant fibers. From farm to table, we walk the walk.
  • The only regenerative 100% grass-fed kosher beef
  • The only kosher heritage chicken
  • Organic-fed, pasture-raised turkey, chicken and duck
  • Gluten-free, no nitrate deli meat, soups and sausages
  • Organic-fed, 100% grass-fed lamb
  • Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
A Commitment to Transparency
In an age when it takes an investigative reporter to figure out where meat comes from, KOL Foods is committed to telling its honest story. We want folks to know and trust that each animal is raised the traditional, environmentally friendly way - in open fields. Healthy animals should eat what they were built to eat and live free on pasture. This balance with nature results in not only healthy and environmentally and ethically sound meat, but delicious flavor.

KOL Foods is the only source for glatt-kosher,

Our standards
  • 100% Grass-fed and organic-fed
  • No GMOs or animal by-products
  • No antibiotics
  • No added hormones or arsenic
  • No chemical pesticide use
  • No feedlots: our animals never see the inside of a barn
  • Pasture-raised on small, traditional, family-owned farms and ranches
  • Raised by farmers receiving a fair wage
Our beef and lamb are beyond pastured: we strive to partner with ranchers using regenerative grazing, and our 100% grass-fed and grass-finished meat results in significant health, welfare and sustainability benefits. In comparison, 95% of US cattle are raised for the first part of their lives on pasture and then fattened on grain in feedlots. Savvy folks looking for the benefits of grass-fed meat know to look for "100% grass-fed" or "grass-finished" rather than "pastured" beef. As Consumer Reports writes, "'pasture-raised' has no rules, no formal definition, no regulation, and therefore no enforcement behind it. And just like 'free range,' a term which likely started out as a legitimate claim and now has come to mean very little, 'pasture-raised' may be on the verge of mass appeal—and the eventual dilution that comes with it."

Our poultry is beyond organic and free-range: it is 100% pastured and organic-fed.We go beyond USDA Organic poultry standards, which rely on birds that are almost always raised in confinement and are fed solely grain (corn & soy). Our poultry roam freely, eat what they choose, and grow at their natural pace.

The choice is clear – 100% grass-fed meat is the only way to eat.
Feel Good About the Meat You Eat.

Want to know more?

KOL Foods is a maverick in the kosher meat industry. View this chart to learn about the differences between industrial and sustainable farming.

The Nitty Gritty of how we work and who we are.

Discover the hidden costs behind industrially raised meat, and why our meat isn't as expensive as it seems.

100% grass-fed beef & lamb; pastured chicken, turkey & duck; and wild salmon have significant health benefits.

Industrial meat (including certified organic meat) can have disastrous consequences for the environment. Learn how KOL Foods' farmers work with nature to produce the cleanest meat you've ever tasted.

At KOL Foods, the animals are healthier, the farm workers are healthier, the environment is healthier, and the eaters (that's you) are healthier. Funny how everything is connected, no?

Free-range, cage-free, grass-fed vs vegetarian-fed vs pastured - what does it all mean? We've made a handy guide of terms to help you sort it out.