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Turkey Jerky Original

Turkey Jerky Original
Now you can feel good about the meat you eat everywhere you go!

Our gluten free turkey jerky is made from our delicious, organic-fed and pasture-raised turkeys. We only use simple wholesome ingredients so you know you're not selling out for this convenient treat!

If your order contains only jerky, we will ship it without dry ice and by FedEx Ground service at a lower rate. Please place your order, and we will automatically refund the excess shipping. For more information, click here.

2 oz packs

 Family Value: buy 64 packs or more of the same jerky below to get $0.25 off per lb!

Original Turkey Jerky - $6.49


Ingredients: KOL Foods pasture-fed and organic-fed turkey breast, brown sugar, sea salt, garlic powder, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg, evaporated cane juice, celery juice powder

NO NITRITES: except for those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery juice powder
Ground Beef Chuck - 85% Lean
Our small batch, 100% pure and simple ground meat comes from 100% grass-fed and finished glatt kosher beef forequarters, and makes for the perfect burger at your summer barbecue or kreplach in your bubbie ’s soup.

Our 85% lean ground beef is packaged in vacuum packs weighing approximately 1lb each

Hamburger vs Ground
According to the USDA, the only difference is the fat. Hamburger can contain subcutaneous fat and various trimmings that have been exposed to the environment of the packinghouse and are thus susceptible to contamination. And it may have been treated with ammonia hydroxide gas to destroy pathogens. This is why we only do ground beef.

Family Value: buy 8 lbs or more of the same sized item below to get $0.25 off per lb!

Kabob Meat
  Our kabob meat lets you easily bring the intense beefiness to the grill. Skewer and grill marinated or spice-rubbed kabob meat with onions, peppers, and mushrooms and serve over couscous for a quick and delicious summer meal.

approx. 1 lb vacuum packs

Family Value: buy 8 lbs or more of the same sized item below to get $0.25 off per lb!

Ground Lamb
A mingling of tastes, use ground lamb for your moussaka, kibbeh, or stuffed grape leaves. You can also skewer and grill it or saute with onions and serve with hummus!

Each case contains 0.75-1.25 lb vacuum packs

 Family Value: buy 8 lbs or more of the same sized item below to get $0.25 off per lb!
Rack of Lamb
Awe your dinner party when you serve a dramatic rack of our 100% grass-fed and finished glatt kosher lamb. Grazing in pastures, our lambs develop a full, rich flavor that shines in a succulent, juicy cut of roast rack of lamb. Easy and quick to roast.

Don't pay for the fat or for unnecessary labor - our rack of lamb is very well trimmed but not Frenched - the perfect balance between trimming and cost.

Sold by the piece, 6-8 bone racks. Sold individually, one rack per vacuum pack.
The smallest racks, under a pound each, make great hors d'oeuvres: lamb lollipops anyone?

Family Value: buy 8 lbs or more of the same sized item below to get $0.25 off per lb! 
Seder Bones
  Let your Seder plate truly represent freedom with a 100% grass-fed lamb shank bone.