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Whole Turkey
NEW LOW PRICE! Our Whole Turkeys are now $0.50/lb cheaper.

Our turkeys are reminiscent of a time before industrialization when poultry was free to roam. They live turkey lives and are provided with all the staples: ample food, drink, protection and good old-fashioned freedom.

One whole turkey, neck included. Does not include giblets.

Size Guide: 1 lb of bird per person for light eaters, 1.5 lbs/person for light eaters who want leftovers or for heavy eaters who do not want leftovers, and 2 lbs/person for heavy eaters who want leftovers.

NEW Low Price! Whole Turkey: 15-16 lbs (15.5 lbs avg) - $123.99
NEW Low Price! Whole Turkey: 16-17 lbs (16.5 lbs avg) - $131.99
NEW Low Price! Whole Turkey: 17-18 lbs (17.5 lbs avg) - $139.99