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Lamb Fat
Our 100% grass-fed and finished lambs are more than just muscle. 100% grass-fed lamb fat is excellent for adding flavor to any dish. Perfect for flavoring turkey or chicken cuts to get that shawarma taste.

Family Value: buy 8 lbs or more to get $0.25 off per lb!

Rendered Lamb Fat: 1.0-1.2 lbs (1.1 lbs avg) - $11.99
Lamb Fat: 1-2 lbs (1.5 lbs avg) - $6.99

Lamb Soup Bones
Prefect for making rich and nutritious lamb broth for stews or using when cooking lentils or rice.

Each case contains at least 3 lbs of soup bones without meat

 Family Value: buy a quantity of 3 or more and get $0.25 off per lb!

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