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Nose to Tail Eating

KOL Foods advances a nose-to-tail approach to eating: using as much of the animal as possible, to fully respect its life and to reduce waste. This is why KOL Foods makes available both well-known cuts and harder-to-find gems from the whole animal: from tongue to tail, shoulder to shank.

Why do we do this? We treat our animals well, working to create a system that is environmentally sustainable and ethically sound. Wasting animal parts and food is neither respectful to the animal, nor to the biosphere that sustained it in life. KOL Foods honors the entire animal, and values all its parts including lesser-used cuts, innards and extremities. We cherish the whole animal and all the resources that went into bringing it to your home.

Our Motivation
Avoiding waste is a precept firmly established in Jewish tradition: we are enjoined "bal tashchit", not to be wasteful, and this applies explicitly to the use of animals for our benefit. While using animals for human enjoyment is allowed, Jewish law states clearly that we cannot unnecessarily kill animals or waste their parts.

This concept is also crucial to an environmentally sound approach to eating meat: raising an animal consumes valuable resources - so to maximize the output, as much of the animal as possible should be used.

Everything but the Moo
For these reasons, KOL Foods promotes a holistic approach to eating. Our mission doesn't end by our preparing cuts from as much of the animals as possible. We encourage you to use your KOL Foods meat with respect, and to consider ways to use every piece of it. Bones (raw or cooked) will yield stock; fat can render tallow for frying; all meat we offer, from the Premium Steaks through the chuck roast and the spleen, can be cooked and enjoyed in their own ways. Our page about "Stretching Your Meat Dollar" illustrates one way in which our poultry can be used to give every cut its place in your meals, to allow every part to shine.

By the way: KOL Foods produces sustainable, ethical meat, but the same reverence is due vegetables. Have you ever made a salad from wilted carrot greens? Did you know that beet greens are very tasty sauteed with a bit of balsamic vinegar - and that swiss chard is just a fancy name for the same plant? Nose-to-tail eating applies to plants as much as it does to animals!

Of course, KOL Foods is bound by both Jewish and US regulations, so certain parts of the animals are not available through us. Our meat is prepared under USDA and rabbinic supervision, so required veins, fats, nerves and other parts are removed, and it is kashered and ready for your use. We are not yet able to provide all internal parts, nor do we sell shoes from our grass-fed cowhides just yet. And we don’t sell hindquarters from our GR Beef or our Lamb for now.

We hope that KOL Foods' wide range of products encourages you to branch out and explore cuts you have not eaten before; try recipes you had never heard of; and enjoy the whole animal with respect. In short: we make you feel good about the meat you eat.