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Our Salmon Fisher-Persons

At KOL Foods we believe it is very important that everyone knows where their meat and poultry come from. We equally believe it is important to know where your lox comes from.  So we have teamed up with a Pennsylvania couple and their small crew who fish the Alaskan waters in Bristol Bay every year.  They live most of the time and store their entire catch in Pennsylvania - a perfect location for KOL Foods!  Below is a letter by our fisher-persons about themselves and this past season.

We have returned from Alaska!! This year's salmon run was plentiful! In Bristol Bay this summer the temperatures were chilly and rain was common. The salmon came about a week later than normal, waiting for the water to warm up a bit. But when they came, they came in good numbers! The boat ran well and our crew was super again this year. Overall, a very enjoyable season!

We began doing this as only an adventurous trip to Alaska in 2002 to do some commercial salmon fishing with a friend. Following our first fishing excursion, we arrived home with 2 coolers of salmon for our friends and family. This is when we quickly realized the uniqueness of the product and the possibilities that lie ahead. Due to the success over the last 4 years, we have recently purchased our own boat and commercial fishing permit for Bristol Bay, AK.

About our Boat

June and July are busy months on the boat. The fishing season lasts approximately 5-7 weeks. My husband is the skipper of our 32’ boat, while I am the first mate, and two other local men are deckhands. While on the boat, we listen to the satellite radio to hear the official fishing periods. As we catch the salmon they are kept in refrigerated holds, making sure the quality is preserved. Every 10 hours we offload our fish onto a larger crab boat which takes the fish in for processing. The fish is quickly filleted, flash frozen, and vacuum sealed to capture the "direct from the boat” flavor. After finishing, the salmon is sent back to PA where KOL Foods picks it up.

We offer wild, Alaskan sockeye salmon because we believe the health benefits received from wild salmon are an essential part of our mind and body health.

As the fishermen, we are able to experience the beauty of Alaska and participate in the native culture of the land. As the demand increases for wild salmon and Omega3 rich diets, we are proud to be able to make this product available to you. We are delighted to be able to supply you with the best sockeye salmon in the world. Our tireless hours of commercial fishing are rewarded with your love for our product.