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December 17 2012 - Introducing Saturday Night Dinner & Movie: Food Inc.

Watch Food Inc to take a look at America's industrial food system and see how cheap food isn't all that cheap. KOL Foods' products more accurately reflect the True Cost of Meat because we care about the externalities: your health, the humane treatment of animals, environmental sustainabilit ... More!

December 10 2012 - Introducing KOL Foods 100% Grass-Fed Winter Book Club.

Want to become a sustainable food guru? The staff at KOL Foods have put together a short list of three of our favorite books. Three books for the next three months, what a great way to spend the winter!! Plus, you could win a $50 gift certificate. After you read the book, write a fami ... More!

December 4 2012 - Industrial Organic - Wise, Empire and all the rest.

Have you noticed that your kosher organic chicken tastes very similar to the same-old conventional bird that you always used to buy? That is because they ARE very similar! It is time to clarify the distinction between industrial organic and sustainable (or non-industrial). In the kosher worl ... More!

May 31 2012 - Local = More Environmental?

In an effort to minimize our carbon "hoofprint”, we are pleased that Grassland Range beef is transported by ship. Although a slower trip, voyage by ship is the most energy efficient. So although Grassland Range beef travels from farther away, the additional energy is actually minimal.Based on Mich ... More!

May 25 2012 - Baltimore Kosher Closing

This is bad news for all the small kosher grocers from DC to Boston. Baltimore Kosher has done wholesale kosher on the East Coast for years. I talked to the owner (a great, terrifically honest guy) for a while about it. They weren't making ends meet. Said that while there may be room for niche ... More!

August 16 2011 - Drought on the East Coast

As many of you have experienced, there has been a drought and heat wave on the East Coast. July was the hottest on record and unlike feedlots, our grass-based farms are not immune to these conditions. How the grass grows is determined by the weather and in the drought the grass has not been ... More!

July 26 2011 - Bringing your Values to the Market and Table

Natasha Rosenstock, friend to foodies, just wrote a terrific article for the Washington Jewish Week about bringing your values to the market and table.She profiled "Jews and theircommitments to Jewishfood values, includingconcern for workers’ rights, humanetreatment of animals, caring for th ... More!

July 26 2011 - My first trip to the farm by Intern Joe

About two hours after making it out of the traffic-ridden streets of DC, I noticed the roads were no longer painted with oil slicks, but peppered with horse droppings. Then I saw the first of many horse-drawn buggies, and a great number of Amish families, strolling through the streets in s ... More!

July 26 2011 - Chicken, hold the arsenic

Soon, Americans may be eating a little less arsenic. On June 8th, Pfizer Inc. announced that it will stop making and selling roxarsone, an arsenic-containing additive in chicken feed, phasing out the compound by July 9th. Since 1944, arsenic-containing additives have been used ... More!