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KOL Foods balances my family’s modern and traditional values. Before I established KOL Foods in 2007, there was no kosher meat that I trusted for my kids. Like you, I want to feed them healthy, ethically-raised, regenerative meat from farms, not factories. For the first 12 years of my adult life I had no choice but to have a vegetarian kitchen because no such meat was available on the kosher market.

Since it's inception, KOL Foods has championed the belief that transparency and honesty aren't just industry ideals - they are necessities for a healthy society. To this day, KOL Foods remains the most transparent kosher meat company: we tell your meat’s true story. We value people and planet. Our goal is to provide you with honest, healthy, humane, regenerative and delicious kosher meat. Our food connects people to tradition, to the land, to a sustainable future, and to good health for friends and family.

We are eager to serve your family so you, too, can feel good about the meat you eat.

Devora Kimelman-Block (Mom, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer)

Company History
KOL Foods formed in 2007 with a groundbreaking effort to produce the first glatt kosher, organically raised, local, grass-fed meat. Our founder, Devora Kimelman-Block, established a three-pronged partnership with a synagogue in Washington, DC, a slaughterhouse and a local farmer to produce the meat. Scores of kosher consumers, who until then could only buy kosher meat raised in confinement, were eager for this product. In just its second offering, the company generated sales of more than 2400 pounds of beef though a single email. Jews from 14 different area synagogues, ranging from Reform to Conservative to Orthodox, purchased this meat.

Since then, our vision became focused not only on doing "less bad," but "more good" - in particular concerning animal agriculture's emissions "foodprint." Climate change is the biggest issue facing our lives and every one of us needs to work on its mitigation. KOL Foods is devoted to supporting ranchers who use regenerative grazing which incorporates animals and crop production in order to rebuild soils and improve the environment.

Today KOL Foods ships to the entire continental United States and is proud to produce the only regenerative, 100% grass-fed, kosher beef and the only heritage kosher chicken in the United States - so you don't have to choose between eating according to your values and keeping kosher.
Our Mission
Our mission is simple: Honest & healthy. Sustainable & Humane. Deliciously mouthwatering. We help balance modern & traditional values by producing glatt kosher meat that is environmentally and ethically sound.

Our ecological footprint
KOL Foods is committed to being a constructive part of changing the agriculture's paradigm. Not only do we strive to convert ranchers to regenerative grazing and though our products, to create financial incentives to help change agriculture, but we also donate to organizations such as the Savory Institute which provides ranchers with training in regenerative practices.

Beyond our support of regenerative grazing, KOL Foods works hard to keep our footprint to a minimum by operating out of a LEED (green) Certified building that uses ground source heating and cooling, has a green roof and many other sustainable features. What electricity that we do use comes from wind power.

In addition, KOL Foods delivers products to your door using only eco-friendly jute and cotton coolers made entirely from compostable recycled plant fibers. Plus, one of the slaughterhouses that we use converts it's waste to bio-diesel for it's trucks. Even the bank that we use (TD Bank) is carbon neutral! Please visit our Green Certifications page for more specifics.

Social Responsibility
KOL Foods supports the Green Bronx Machine in the Bronx, NY whose school-based model uses urban agriculture aligned to key school performance indicators to grow healthy students and healthy schools that transform communities that are fragmented and marginalized into neighborhoods that are inclusive and thriving.

KOL Foods is the only source for glatt-kosher,

More information about The KOL Foods Way

Our Staff
Devora Kimelman-Block, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Devora, her husband Jason, and four children are founding members of Eastern Village Cohousing, an award winning LEED certified green building in downtown Silver Spring, MD. In the summer, Devora and her family enjoy working and living on our partner farms that raise KOL Foods meat. Devora's passion is in working synergistically with humans, nature and animals to build a food system that sustains us, the animals and the earth. Devora's stories and pictures from living on the farm.

Emily Shifflett, COO
Sustainable, delicious food is Emily's passion. She began her career as a farmer, raising various grass-fed and pasture-raised animals for meat, dairy and eggs. Since then, she’s been a butcher, a cheese monger and a barista, and she’s training to be a sommelier. In her free time, you might find Emily chasing new recipes (in the kitchen or out and about), playing Dungeons and Dragons, and spending time with her family.

Gidon van Emden, CEO
Born and raised in Amsterdam, Gidon has a long history of eating meat. "I love to cook dishes that remind me of my family, but I also experiment a lot." His resume also includes stints as a cook and mashgiach (kashrut supervisor). Outgoing and extroverted, Gidon loves talking to KOL Foods customers, extolling the virtues of KOL Foods's products, and eating KOL Foods meat.

Gloria Krumholz, Customer Happiness Specialist
Gloria is so new at KOL Foods, she hasn't even had time to put up a bio yet! She's amazing, and you should check back here soon to learn more about Gloria.

Among Our Farmers
Poultry Farmers Jane and Dave, Thurmont, MD
Raising healthy animals is Jane's "passion as well as profession." Jane and Dave feel such compassion and gratitude when raising their animals. "They give so much to us," Jane says. "Giving them a good life is the least we can do." Jane and Dave work hard to build community around sustainable agriculture and are always willing to give a tour. They became interested in sustainable agriculture because it works with nature instead of fighting against it.

Cattle Rancher Mike, Strasburg, VA
Since 1997, Mike has run a certified organic, family owned and operated farm. He believes in allowing animals to do what they were made to do - graze peacefully and grow naturally - with minimal interference. "It's important for us to be committed to our ideals of raising healthy animals in conditions that encourage natural behavior," Mike says. Mike's cattle graze on fields managed organically without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.