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Turkey Sliders with Tres Salsa

1-lb KOL Foods Ground Turkey
¼ tsp. Kosher Salt
¼ tsp. Granulated Garlic
¼ tsp. Brown Sugar
2 tbl. grape seed oil
1 Diced Red Onion

Gently mix the turkey and spices (but NOT the onions) together and form small flat and thin patties. Make sure to put a small dimple in the middle of the patty.

In a medium pan on medium to medium/high heat, add the oil and the onions. When they start to sizzle. Put the patties right on top of the onions. The secret here is for the patties to stay off the pan and cook on top of the onions. That way they start to steam a bit, they also allow their drippings to steam their flavor back into the patties. 

After 1 to 2 minutes. Flip the burgers, this time with the onions on top. Cook another minute to minute and a half. Take the patties off and put them onto a baguette that has been cut to slider size with a small pile of the sautéed onions atop each patty. 

If the onions need more love in the pan, give it to them and then put them on the sliders. 

Serve with Tres Salsa . . . sauce recipes are below the video.

Tres Salsas:
Cranberry Cosmopolitan Sauce:
1 can whole cranberry sauce
½ cup vodka
1/3 cup orange juice or Triple Sec
Juice of half a lime or one key lime.
¼ cup of dice pineapple chunks.

Combine ingredients in medium saucepan. Let simmer over low heat until well combined. Cool and serve.

Basil Mint Pesto
¼ cup mint leaves – finely chopped
¼ cup fresh basil – finely chopped
Splash of balsamic vinegar
Dash of salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make a paste

Whisk ingredients together and adjust measurements to taste and to make into a paste

Ginger Teriyaki
½ cup teriyaki sauce
Fresh grated ginger to taste
Splash of pure maple syrup
Splash of orange juice

Whisk ingredients together over low heat and then let cool.

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